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Discounted for both our business and retail customers. Available to order online.


Royal Beluga caviar is a selection of caviar from the species Huso huso. The fish are raised in the largest Iranian caviar farm on the shores of the Caspian Sea, Mazandaran province.


Iranian Caviar masters are at the forefront of this production, imparting their knowledge and artisanal experience across every step of the 20 year cultivation process, one done entirely by hand.


Iranian Beluga is pearly grey in colour. It tastes smooth like butter and cream with a soft delicate texture.


Best-before date : 3 months

Royal Beluga Caviar (1KG Net Weight)

  • 1KG Net weight imported original tins are vacuum sealed with rubber bands. Simply reapply the the band once the tin has been opened. 

    Shelf life 3 months. 

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