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Marble Surface


Discounted for both our business and retail customers, available to order online.


Imperial Gold caviar is a selection of caviar from the species Huso Dauricus & Acipenser Schrenckii. The fish are raised in lakes at the edge of the Amur River and enjoy the space to move freely. Therefore, they grow larger and healthier, which allows its roe to be tastier and richer. The sturgeon, fed in captivity produces thus a semi-wild caviar.


The peculiarity of this caviar is that it is this selection where we find the nostalgic taste of wild caviar with its golden amber color, big loose grains, crisp marble texture and nutty flavours.

Imperial Gold Caviar (1KG Net Weight)

  • 1KG Imported original tins are vacuum sealed with rubber bands. Simply reapply the the band once the tin has been opened.

    Shelf life 3 months. 

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