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Marble Surface


Extremely limited, only a 1.8kg September production. Available to purchase in 50g & 125g vacuum sealed tins.

Almas is the Persian word for Diamond. The large golden roe from the albino sturgeon is the most sought after, historically reserved for Persian Royalty. Almas caviar is the apex of quality on all three counts of roe size (3-3.5mm) , colour (gold) and texture (delicate).


The albino sturgeon is an anomaly. Our selection is produced from the albino Huso Dauricus sturgeon, a large predatory sturgeon traditionally found in the Amur River Basin, with a maximum size of at least 1,000 kg it is one of the largest of the sturgeon family.

Huso Dauricus sturgeon are semi-anadromous, the caviar farm ensures its spends some of its life in salt water but most of its life in freshwater. As the sturgeon matures, their eggs become exceedingly elegant, smooth, aromatic and delicious with hints of butter, hazelnut and cream.

Without a doubt, the finest caviar in the world.

Almas Gold Reserve

PriceFrom £950.00
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